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In-line with the decree 7968, stipulating that the Chairman of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) is appointed on a rotational basis among its board members, Mr. Wissam Chbat, Head of Geology and Geophysics Department, took office as Chairman of the Board effective 4 December 2016 for a period of one year.

First Licensing Round Update

On Wednesday the 4th of January 2017, the Cabinet approved two crucial decrees that are necessary to allow the Lebanese authorities to resume the first offshore licensing round. The two decrees are related to the delineation of the ten offshore blocks, and to the Tender Protocol (TP) – that describes in details the bidding and evaluation process, and the Exploration and Production Agreement (EPA) – that refers to the model agreement, which will be concluded between the Lebanese State and the winning consortium within a defined area.

Click here to download the Blocks Delineation decree.
Click here to download the Tender Protocol (TP) decree.
Click here to download the Exploration and Production Agreement (EPA) decree.

Currently, the LPA is putting in place a roadmap to pave the way for the first licensing round.

Below is the estimated timeframe of the licensing round starting from its official public announcement date:

Submission of Applications Up to 6 months
Bid EvaluationUp to 2 months after the submission of applications
AwardUp to 2 months after the bid evaluation

Licensing Round Documentation

To obtain the license round documents and presentations, please register here.

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