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Data Viewing

A dedicated data room is now available in the MEW offices in Lebanon for visitors to view all available technical data including seismic data. The dataroom contains technical reports, published papers, presentations a dedicated GIS workstation and a dedicated seismic workstation. In addition the seismic data may also be viewed at Spectrum or PGS offices in the UK or Norway (other locations may be possible by special arrangement).
Lebanon Presentation
Workstation Project
Technical Reports / Publications
Request to visit the data room can be made via email to datacenter@lpa.gov.lb
Visitors must satisfy the following requirements to visit the data room:
Data Room Rules - signed by attendees to data room Maximum of 4 attendees per Company.

Technical Data

A large amount of high quality modern data is available to assist parties interested in participating the first Lebanese licensing round. Follow the links below to discover more:


3D and 2D Seismic Coverage
View the latest high quality seismic data available for purchase on a Multi-Client basis.


Accurate GIS and Geological Information
Created to provide high quality primary data set that can be utilised by all parties.


Lebanon PSDM MegaSurvey

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